How a Professional Closet Organizer Makes A Small Closet Efficient With Elfa Drawers

To finish off this week’s theme of organizing small closet spaces, this professional closet organizer thought she would bring to your attention her personal favorite closet find ever: The Elfa Wide Start a Stack closet drawer system. I can’t say enough good things about this product (thank you Container Store, you always have the solution to everything. No, I am not an affiliate of theirs). You can customize the size of the entire unit, drawer, etc. to suit your needs. Have a tiny closet? No problem! At Financial Coaching for Women in Orlando, we can handle this. Here’s why I recommend this item to make your small closet look good and stay tidy!

How Am I Supposed to Fit This in My Small Closet?

Easy! On the website for Container Store you will see that the unit I have pictured (the chest size model) also comes in a variety of widths and heights. So whether you need to organize a small entry closet, itty bitty linen closet, crafting space or have a section to devote for folded clothes in your wardrobe closet, there is something that can suit the dimensions of your troublesome space.

What I love too about this is that it also has the option to add a white cover on top, thus allow you to place more items on top and decorate or simply give it a cleaner look. The Elfa systems unfortunately only come in white or silver (no black of dark wood tones, etc. sorry), but with the space saving benefits I’ll write about below, it is well worth the investment.

What Makes This So Special?

  1. The ability to choose the drawer heights for me was a game changer. Think about it, do you really need a 8” tall drawer to simply put socks in? They have a variety of drawer heights to corelate with what each will hold. So in my case for example, I had the 4” height drawer for my socks and small items, the tallest options to hold all my gym clothes (it held EVERYTHING), and two medium sized ones for lingerie and sleepwear.

  2. The second big benefit of these drawers is that they are deep. A regular chest of drawers is about 12” deep let’s say. These are about 22” deep! That is twice the depth, hence why you can fit so much more into the same height unit as a chest.

  3. It is extremely light weight and easy to assemble. I have moved several times in the past few years and it has been a breeze. The frame of the unit is very light weight, yet sturdy. The drawers can stack on top of each other to make things even easier, and putting it all together did not require any power tools whatsoever.

Let’s Talk About Price

This drawer system is not cheap. At $125+ typically, it can be an investment for some, but this is a piece you can use over and over again in any space. It is chic enough to be shown publicly and will allow you to free up so much more space because of how much you can fit in this product.

There is something to say about investing in long-term solutions, and this piece will not disappoint. I am all about using my clients existing pieces, but with small closets, these almost always my recommended item because I know with all my heart how much happier it ends up making everyone. I am confident in the results in provides long-term.

Have a Tiny Closet in Need of a Professional Organizer’s Touch?

I am happy to talk about your space and dilemma during a call. We can Zoom, Skype or Facetime during a free 15-minute consultation to get you started. I can’t wait to see a space that is making you unhappy and turn into something you’ll LOVE to use. Schedule a Consultation today with Financial Coaching for Women! As a professional closet organizer, you use my expertise to create a custom solution that really works for your lifestyle and goals.