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How do you know if the SEO you are assigned to at an agency is truly experienced and not a year 1-3 beginner? When you work with SEO Maven Marketing, you work with someone who has been helping business owners with SEO consultant services since 2012.

“47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of content created by a company before talking to a salesman from that company” (Junto Study)

I live and breathe this stuff and have the experience and accolades to prove it. Having worked for various agencies and even being an SEO Director in my previous role, being able to strategize, help business owners become more efficient, and learn how best to use their marketing budget is something I live for. It is the reason why I became an SEO Consultant in the first place.


How Do SEO Consulting Services Work?


SEO consultations are billed on an hourly basis. I’ll go over the data and metrics and analyze the performance compared to your business goals. After careful analysis, I’ll strategies to help push things further and advise you on what to get rid of.

With data as our key driver, it will become clear why my various recommendations have been made. Feel free to visit my About page to learn more about SEO Maven Marketing.

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