Let’s face it, even in the most luxurious of homes, it seems to be that the closet is always a space where emotions and clutter can easily hide. The closet for some can be a negative space where reminders of a loved one who has passed may be, or a where clutter is shoved inside. When you search on the internet or a “closet organizer near me” in Orlando, I understand that you are someone looking to make a change, and let go of those emotions. At Financial Coaching For Women, we want to help you completely turn this small closet into a new, happy and stress-free space that you can utilize regularly.

Searching Online For a “Closet Organizer Near Me”?

I challenge you to turn your small closet into a space that you not only love, but only contains items you use, respect and are of a high-quality so that they will last for many years to come.

In working with friends and clients in Orlando and Maitland, it has become apparent how a once loathed closet space can easily turn into a source of happiness as it becomes used more often, daily, for things that matter.

Small closets in particular pose challenges for many of you out there. So this week, we will be focusing on ways to give your small closet a posh look and make it not only functional, but efficient too.

Here are Some of my Pointers on How to Accomplish a Small Yet Luxe Closet Design

1. Clear containers
This is by far one of my most favorite items to utilize not only for my clients spaces but for my own home. Not only can you easily see what is located inside of each container (otherwise it is so easy to forget what is in what), but it also make a small space feel lighter and less bulky.

2. Investing in modular storage systems will change your life!
Even in the tiniest closets I have seen, creating a custom layout to fit the needs and theme of the space makes a huge difference. The ability to stack items vertically to maximize every square inch is key. Not only that, but as you make changes in your life and habits, you may find you prefer to move one item farther up, and another down. Having the system in place to allow your space to reflect your lifestyle is the only way to make this work long-term. Not only that, but you can take the storage system we choose with you and apply it to your new home or office space.

3. The Door Style Can Make a Difference

Rather than accordion or bifold doors, a sliding door or ideally, a door that can slide into the wall is the best bet. Particularly if your closet is in a tight corner, the type of door you have can truly make the everyday use of this space much easier and enjoyable.

4. Access Everything and Purge What You Don’t Value

Nothing would be worse than having a beautifully organized closet full of items you don’t truly love nor need. Before we decide on a closet system, going through each item, and the “why” behind it will be a huge value. You will learn about your shopping habits, what aspects in items bring value to your life and areas in which you can improve the quality of items to help you save money in the long-run. We want to organize the space with items that suit your life and actually improve it.

5. Get Creative

In every space I help you organize, a piece of art, sentimental item or repurposed item will be utilized. It is important that even the tiniest of closets showcases your personality and gives you energy and excitement when you open that door! Whether through paint, art work, or a piece that evokes a strong memory (I have a picture of the beach with a motivational quote in one of mine for example), you should be excited to use this area of your home or office. Lighting is also a beautiful way to elevate the look of a closet and to help you see things even better.

What Do You Feel About Your Smallest Closet Space?

I invite you to head on over to my Instagram, Facebook (Financial Coaching for Women) or to simply comment below and let me know how your smallest closet makes you feel currently and what you thought about these tips. Turn you small closet(s) into a stress-free environment to cherish the items that you need in your life to get things done! Searching for a “closet organizer near me”? You have found your solution. Now let’s get started!

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