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Taking your business to a new level online by automating the sales and shipping process and making it user-friendly is no simple feat, and is well worth the time and effort. According to Statistica, “e-commerce has become an indispensable part of the global retail framework” and with more and more customers shopping online, it is a MUST to have an e-commerce website in today’s modern age.

Many of my referrals are to help a business owner turn a poorly made “e-commerce site” and make it function properly. I say it all the time “cheap is cheap”. E-commerce website services don’t need to cost a fortune, but they shouldn’t be cheap either as the product you will receive will have flaws.

It’s time to look at everything that will be needed to create an online shop that makes your life easier, automates many processes, and gives your customers the speedy functionality they have come to expect.


How an E-Commerce Website Developer Can Help You

  • Automate the Shipping Process

  • Automate Newsletter Subscriber info

  • Make Finding Products Easy with Filters 

  • Provide Customers With Their Favorite Ways to Pay Online

  • (Optional- Sync inventory With Quickbooks)

  • Create Compelling Coupons and reduce cart abandonment with cool add-ons

  • Showcase products beautifully and make purchasing them easy

What To Expect

How This E-commerce Website Developer Will Work With You 

The process to create an e-commerce website that is easy for business owners to edit and update is one that takes 2+ months. I say this because the level of complexity and how quickly business owners send me the items on their “homework” list are what lead to higher timeframes. As an e-commerce website developer, I can honestly say that waiting on the client to send me their product sheet is what takes the most time, so it is what I show you how to do in the very beginning.

Step 1: The first step is to have an online consultation (contact me today) where we go over what issue you are currently facing with your website, your wants, and ideas for the new rendition. I’ll then ask questions and provide strategies and solutions.

Step 2: I’ll send a quote via my website agreement based upon the amount of time I feel the project will take from start to finish.

Step 3: once the agreement is signed, I’ll communicate regularly to remind you of homework items I am needing, plugins and add-on items that need to be purchased, progress as each page is finished, and your edits/feedback. You will have a link to the site so you can view progress at your leisure.

Step 4: Once products are ready to be uploaded, they will be organized, audited and a user experience test will be completed.

Step 5: A full audit of all features of the site is completed and then your final approval will be needed before we can make the site live. Once it is approved, it is made live and you will receive a link to a video library explaining how to manage your new website.

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