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It is not every day that you get to meet and work directly with”the nerd” behind it all. Learn a little bit more about me by reading below.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida (with Honors) in 2011 with a B.A. in Arts and a Minor in Business.

After completing my degree, I immediately enrolled in a technical school while I was also taking courses for my Masters and obtained my Web Development certification.

Why do I share this? Because you need to know how it all started.

Business owners and department heads have consulted with me on how best to spend their advertising budget, make their websites better, and how to become more efficient.


The Beginning...

You see, it was during my time at U.C.F. that I was chosen by our Dept. chair to be the project manager for an elite group of students (the ADLab Project) in the rebranding of the Maitland Art Center.

The entire website and all marketing materials would be created to reflect the vision of the new president at the time.

When I was given this role, it was during a time when technology was still so new and it all frustrated me to be perfectly frank. That project is where my interest in project management, marketing, and design began. My life soon changed after that.

What SEO Maven Marketing Does

Fast forward almost a decade later and not only am I teaching business owners how to do various online tasks on their own, but I am helping them obtain more leads with user-friendly websites, produce more sales with an e-commerce website, providing them with valuable guidance on how best to get into Google’s good graces, and how to not waste any resources along the way. Working as a freelance website developer and SEO has truly been my calling.


Why I Decided To Freelance For Web Design & SEO Consulting

I have worked with multiple SEO and website agencies in the state and have developed entire SEO Departments from scratch. I have also seen first-hand how many of these types of businesses take advantage of their clients and provide watered-down services for the money they are paying.

Now, I am simply using this knowledge to reach business owners directly who could use my help. I specialize in luxury businesses and have a knack for helping others by providing honest advice and real solutions.

My Promise to You

  • You’ll always receive consistent communication


  • I’ll treat your business as if it were my own


  • I’ll guide you in making important decisions that will lead to long-term success


  • I’ll always deliver honest, fast, and high-quality service


  • I’ll always be hyper-organized (I’m obsessed with my task manager)



– Google Analytics Individual Qualification
– Google Ads Search Certification
– Google Tag Manager Certification


– Asana and Trello
– Photoshop
– Google Suite
– Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends
-Google Ads
– WordPress and Woocommerce
– SEM Rush, Raven, Lighthouse
– Managing and leading teams
– Bilingual

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