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Tired of poor communication?

I can’t tell you how many times I have been referred to a client because their webmaster and/or SEO specialist was slow to communicate or only showed up once a month in the form of a reporting email. You deserve better! SEO Maven Marketing is a luxury experience. You will work directly with me throughout the project until it is 100% done. I live in the United States (Florida) am charismatic (no socially awkward techie here), and my commitment to working with you to solve your SEO or website problems runs deep.

I am tired of seeing some agencies and designers out there take advantage of their clients. How? By locking them in terrible contracts and/or providing watered-down service because they care more about profits (take on hundreds of clients at a time) rather than helping business owners as promised.

This is why it is time to think of things differently.  Hire an SEO freelancer and e-commerce website developer that is passionate about helping business owners and has made this their life’s work. 

As the SEO and website design industry continues to grow (5.8%) it is more important than ever to work with someone you can fully trust.

What Do You Need Help With?

As a boutique service, I am very selective about the number of clients I will take on per quarter. Based on your needs, we will talk about the most effective solutions and why it is recommended for your long-term success. The “why” is key. You are the owner, and being crystal clear on the pro’s and con’s of each option is essential to seeing the value of what you will receive.

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Signs That You Need To a Hire an SEO Freelancer

  • Are you stuck in a long-term contract with a company you are not happy with?


  • Is your webmaster or SEO being outsourced and you only have a window of communication time with them?


  • Are you being told that a website will take 3+ months to complete?


  • Are you being told your e-commerce site will take 6+ months to complete?


  • Do you have to wait days for an email or phone call to be returned?

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